Here is a complete list of references from past individuals and groups who have had Sweet Georgia Sound play for their event.

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Sweet Georgia Sound blew us away! What an amazing group of musicians. They love what they do and it is apparent in the way they play, sing, and perform. Working with the band leader was extremely easy and stress free. They have a huge library from which to chose music for the reception but they are also willing and able to learn anything they don’t know. In fact they learned 3 new songs for us. All our special dances, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son were special requests and they were happy to give us what we wanted.

At the reception we had a 20 piece band plus the band leader. Their look, set up, and performance were all superb! Our guests really loved their music and every age group was able to dance and enjoy themselves.

Sweet Georgia Sound is most definitely worth the money, and I believe you will all be as surprised as I was about how great the pricing is.

Amy Vetter Hinds

Thank you so much for such an incredible performance! We appreciate you all taking the time to spread some holiday cheer. We hope you join us again soon!

Merry Christmas,
Activities Director

From Chattanooga Market patron Kathy Lennon:
I love Sweet Georgia Sound. I so enjoy listening to them play…..please tell them that they were responsible for many smiles this past weekend. Music makes people smile and Sweet Georgia Sound had a lot of people smiling at the Chattanooga Market!

Meg Breene of Hospice

We are STILL getting in donations and rave reviews from Holiday Hearts, and Sweet Georgia Sound is a huge part of that success. Thank you for delivering such a beautiful program to help us raise funds for our mission of care. – Meg

Kathy Allison of Hospice

On behalf of hte Southeastern Theatre Conference, i would like ot thank you again for the fabulous music Sweet Georgia Sound brings to our closing event.

We have been so fortunate to have you and your band for the last three conventions we have had in Chattanooga. The students really rise to the occasion. For them, it is very different from having a DJ and I am thrilled that they truly engage and appreciate the music.
Betsey Baum

I just want to personally thank all of you for playing this event for us! We love you guys and look forward to seeing all again very soon! Kudos to the best band ever!!!

Jeanne Wurdack
Hush, Hush Club Director