Here is a complete list of references from past individuals and groups who have had Sweet Georgia Sound play for their event.

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To say that Robin and I were pleased with your band’s performance Saturday evening is an understatement. Sweet Georgia Sound, your performers and dancers, are a first-class group of professionals. We absolutely loved it! You delivered a truly top-drawer performance.

Now, I hope that it will be a long time before Robin and I co-chair another event, but this I promise, when we do agree to do so, Sweet Georgia Sound will be there with us. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you again for helping to make the evening memorable for so many.

Eddie Grant, Volunteer Event Co-Chair

Thank you so much for your note! It was great to hear from you. We thoroughly enjoyed your music and presence at the Costume Party! That was my favorite event that we have had so far! Thank you for sending the link for the pictures as well. It was so fun to see those!

Again, it is so good to hear from you. I can’t tell you how much of a joy it was to work with you and your band! I will definitely have you in mind for future events and recommendations.

Charissa Baker
Campus Activities Board Director
Covenant College

Thank you so much Mike. Everyone commented on how great you were. I had referred you to Joye Duke on having you play in Atlanta for her niece. She is a great contact for you!!!!! Also if you have smaller 3-piece options or 5 piece let me know b/c we are doing a ton of Christmas parties this December.

You were my favorite and most reliable vendor and made the drama of everything else go away when we listened to your great music. We will get together and talk strategy soon!

Kindest regards,
Tiffany Pendergrass

WWII reunion here was memorable

In mid-June, my husband and I joined our 351st Bomb Group, World War II veterans, on our second-time visit to Chattanooga for our reunion.

It is easy to see why Chattanooga is a favorite place with our group. The people are so friendly, and Southern foods are lip-smacking good.

I believe over the course of our four-day stay we must have eaten our way from our hotel, The Choo-Choo, right down to the Riverbend.

You have a fantastic goodwill ambassador by the name of Judy who drives one of the electric trolleys. …

As a treat our destination was the Cricket Pavilion. … Two young Marines, serving as honor guards, awaited us at full attention as we proudly walked on the “red carpet” which the city had rolled out for us. ….

We discovered we were being treated to a delightful luncheon.

There was a wonderful band which I believe was Sweet Georgia Sound that played the big band music we had all grown up with and our young men had taken to the soil of foreign shores with them.

The music brought back memories and tears, as well, as we all said a silent prayer for all of our brave young men and women who now are far away from home. To the band, the honor guard, the people who served us lunch and most of all, to the lovely city of Chattanooga who gave up their Sunday Father’s Day to give us a welcome we’ll never forget.


April 1, 2003

Mr. Mike LaRoche
Sweet Georgia Sound
P.O. Box 21006
Chattanooga, TN  37421

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to thank you, and everyone with Sweet Georgia Sound, for performing at this year’s Pound of Gold Dinner.  We have received so many compliments.  In fact, one person attending told us that if we continue to invite Sweet Georgia Sound the event would just get bigger and bigger!  (That’s fine with us!)

Once again, thank you so much.  We definitely look forward to working with you again next year!


Mitzi Ward
Program Coordinator
Walter E. Boehm Birth Defects Center

December 18, 2001

Mr. Mike LaRoche
Sweet Georgia Sound
P.O. Box 21006
Chattanooga, TN  37421

Dear Mike,

I don’t know how to thank you and Sweet Georgia Sound for a magical evening of dance music!

You all outdid yourselves this time.  It was the best I have ever heard you play.  SGS always sounds good to a purely “listening” audience; this time, however, I believe you reached your goal as a first-class ballroom dance band.  The tempo was much more even and the selections were conducive to dancing.

In short, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did.  And did I ever learn to appreciate Jeff!  My hope is that you will be willing to do the same thing next Christmas.  (We raised about $4000 for Hospice of Chattanooga this year!)

For now, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sincerely Yours,

Amy Blackburn
Dance Chairperson