Jul 07

Wedding of Crista Gosnell Barnes

Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 5:48 PM
Subject: hey it’s Crista 🙂


I know this is ridiculous..  I’m on my honeymoon and EMAILING lol..  I just wanted to let you guys know you were awesome at the reception…..    I’m so thankful you guys played at our wedding.. it was so great..   I knew the people wouldn’t dance.. BUT  you wouldn’t believe how many people came up to me and joel and my parents saying they WANTED to really bad lol..   So I was a pilgrim for all the other pastors daughters that wants to have the father daughter dance at their wedding.. because mine was really one of the first ever to do that .. (  with pastor families hosting and all )   I had a blast.. you guys were great.. please let the band know we really appreciate them.. i hope everything was taken care of..  I  know that you didn’t get the program that i had wrote out phonetics to ..  but it went great..  I just didn’t want you to have to worry with that..  I hope the meal was great for you..  and you got some cake. we had plenty lol

THANKS GUYS!!!!!  Blessings !!!!!

NOTE: Crista is a Church of God ministers daughter